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Welcome to the AgentZ - Gregory A. LeClair Memorial Scouting Resources Site
AgentZTM - Gregory A. LeClair Memorial Scouting Resources Site makes this site available as a resource for Scouters . We offer links to various resources, a Pinewood Derby Program, links to other dens, units, packs, and troops as well as free sites for those without web sites.

We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please let us know by using our Contact Form . You can find out more about AgentZ - Worldwide Agents by visiting our home page. You might wonder why we offer this site or spend the effort to maintain it. Perhaps it is best summarized by the following quote:

Scouting's High Purpose
  • "The only sound basis on which to build is the spirit of love and goodwill among people, in the place of mutual jealousies and mistrust."
  • "This can only be secured by bringing up the next generation in a changed outlook."
  • "This would sound like a Utopian dream were it not for the scouting movement which has shown that it should not be impossible."
--Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the scouting movement

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AgentZ's Complete Pinewood Derby Store

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Never be lost again!

       Palm-size global positioning system (GPS) pinpoints location anytime, anywhere--regardless of cloud cover or weather
  • Automatic track log with two-way navigation; stores custom tracks
  • Navigates up to waypoints in sequence with animated graphical user interface
  • Waterproof case; adjustable, backlit LCD; battery-save feature Global positioning system (GPS) receiver continuously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites
  • Calculate current and average speed, time of sunrise and sunset, trip distance, and more
  • Automatic track log--10 saved tracks let you retrace your path in both directions
  • Tough waterproof case

Features vary by model selected

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If you have a scouting related Web site and would like it listed here on the AgentZ - Scouting Resources page, please send us the complete URL (i.e. http://host.domainname/something?/). If you have questions, contact us. Request a link to your site.

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AgentZ - Scouting Site Comment Form

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Site Requests

Scout Sites hosted on AgentZ

Boy Scouts

The AgentZ - Scouting Resources section provides a connection between your organization and its members. This is a cost effective (FREE) means to organize your efforts using the World Wide Web.

Please see the following rules regarding our free sites before submitting a request. Sorry for the legal mumbo jumbo.

In Addition to our free site plans we offer low-cost hosting options. Even with the free sites there are paid upgrades available. Visit our Hosting Plans and see the options under the Family Plan.

Need help defining your site requirements, take our Site Survey.

I've been asked WHY we provide FREE sites fpr scouting. Read why here

Free Site Requirements

  1. Your organization agrees to provide:
  2. AgentZ - Gregory A. LeClair Memorial Scouting Resources provides:

  3. AgentZ - Gregory A. LeClair Memorial Scouting Resources reserves the following rights:

Scouting Unit Site Request Form

Submit your request and include the following information. We will get back to you shortly..
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Your Name: 
Webmasters Name:
Email Address:
Troop or Pack #:
Web site address will be from the info above. Please be certain to specify troop, pack, etc and number. (e.g. Pack 424 Web site would be
Agree to terms listed? Yes

After you've filled out the form, press the button labeled 'Submit your request'. If you make a mistake, you can clear out the entire form or just change the individual field.

Please be sure you've read our guidelines.

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The AgentZ and JPL Communications and Publishing provides this section as a free service. I sincerely hope that you will find this site useful in your own preparations for Scouting. I'm always happy to get any feedback (preferably constructive) on the content of this site. Any opinions expressed on this page or in any accompanying materials offered here may not reflect the official positions of Boy Scouts of America. This page is maintained by Jean-Pierre LeClair of JPL Communications and Publishing as a volunteer effort. e-mail address:

Disclaimer 2
The AgentZ provides some pages within this site as a free service. Some content is provided by third parties. Although we attempt to verify information submitted, things can change between the time we publish and the time you view it. If you find errors in information contained on the AgentZ, please feel free to forward your comments to the Editor by email at . Thank you!

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